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Collecting Overdue Debt: A Course of Action

Collecting Overdue Debt: a Course oF Action

“If you are a business owner, you will likely encounter overdue debt on a very routine basis. A huge number of customers – both individuals and other businesses – will inevitably forget, not bother, or refuse to pay their bills.

It’s easy enough to deal with the forgetful procrastinators with a couple of firmly worded overdue notices, but for those who still don’t pay, there is a time to turn things over to a debt collection agency.

When it becomes clear that a customer doesn’t intend to pay you out of their own free will, turning things over to another party probably isn’t a bad idea. For example, customers that flatly deny owing you money despite your records are very difficult to deal with without help. (more…)

The Debt Collectors Challenge!


I just love this video and you will too! After watching this I want you to comment and share your funniest or most embarrassing debt collection story you have. Thanks for stopping by…

Debt Collecting Fun!

We would like to share this You Tube recording of a real conversation of someone being contacted by a Debt Collection Agency to pay an outstanding debt.

This video post  is fun to listen to, but it is not fun for any of the speakers involved.


Debt is NO fun!  It is not fun for a debt collector who is just doing his job, and it certainly is not fun for a debtor who has been chased to pay.  There are no winners and losers when it comes to dealing with debt.

Any money dealings could get emotional and out of hand.  There is another angle in this scenario:  The privacy of information.  To find out more about other issues related to debt,  go to

Do you have your own personal story with debt?  Did you encounter any extreme experiences dealing with debt?

We would love to share your experiences, concerns and questions.

Please feel free to make comments and submit them to us to share.

Easy Debt Collecting

How To Optimize Your Invoice!

We would love to share a little known fact about debt collecting.

Have a good look at this amazing graph that describes the outcomes of using different payment terms.

How To Optimize Your Invoice!

By introducing optimal payment terms of 21 days and being polite can increase chances of being paid (backed up by research). A simple “Please pay your invoice by” or “Thank you for your business” can increase the percentage of invoices that are paid by more than 5 per cent!

Please comment on our blog. We would love to hear your questions and opinions.

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