Have a look at this interesting video about how to get out of debt.  In this case it is Credit Card Debt, but the same kind of dilemma is involved in any other kind of financial debt out there.


Suze Orman is a well known and highly respected financial advisor.  She knows MONEY.

In this video she is talking about getting you a financial first aid!  When you get yourself in a situation of financial exhaustion, the first step is to get some oxygen (some breathing time given by debt specialists / agencies).

Getting debt agencies or other 3rd party financial specialists to help you is your first aid ONLY !

What all of us with debt issues need is to get over MONEY SYMPTOMS (bad financial debt) and to go to the bottom of the CAUSE of debt.  Shouldn’t  we do these ourselves, we will get financially sick again.  This is reality for all kinds of debt: business debt, personal debt; credit card debt.

What we all truly need is to get in touch with our money behavior.

What we should aim for is to understand our financial behavior in order to improve personal money skills.

We ought to work on ourselves by identifying our money stressors, recognizing how we deal with stressful times, pinpointing financial bad habits we tend to grow, accepting it  and  developing new healthier money  behavior.

If this is your GOAL, than go ahead and ask for professional help.  But only if you really want to change your money belief system.  Should this not be your AIM, even with the best expert financial help, you will eventually come back to the same spot again.

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