Dealing with customers on the phone is arguably more difficult than dealing with customers in “face to face” situations. This short training telephone skill video will provide practical tips and techniques to support your staff in dealing with some of the demanding and awkward situations they must face in dealing with angry customers.

Video courtesy of Myra Golden.

Developing a productive relationship with a faceless voice is not always easy. You’re just a voice to the customer – so if they’re upset, they’re more willing to let you have it with all barrels blazing!

We all know how an angry customer has the potential to totally ruin your day. There are literally thousands of reasons why customers become angry. Maybe they’ve been left on hold for too long, received a faulty product or service, been overcharged or they perceive they have not been treated in the manner they deserve.

Whatever the reason, customers rarely become angry for no reason at all. It’s usually because they are dissatisfied about something and that dissatisfaction has been poorly managed.

What describes GOOD service and BAD service?

Good customer service is taking that extra step to help without being asked!  It’s all about attitude and skills.