Courtesy of Praxis Now

“You become what you think about most.” – Earl Nightingale 

Shifting your Financial Paradigm

“Current scientific evidence strongly suggests that your constant focus on financial success can actually change your brain. In their book, How God Changes Your Brain1, researchers Andrew Newberg and Mark Waldman state that, “. . . the more you meditate on a specific object—be it God, or peace, or financial success—the more active your thalamus becomes, until it reaches a point of stimulation where it perceives thoughts in the same way that other sensations are perceived.”

In other words, the more your vision of financial success becomes clear in your mind, the more that vision actually shapes your brain. The inner reality you create gives emotional significance to your thoughts and this, in turn, motivates your brain to bring your vision into the world.

Our thoughts and feelings dictate what is real for us. If our mind is filled with fears, doubts, and distractions, this will directly shape our financial vision and skills. Change your inner paradigm, however, and you will change your outer financial reality.”

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