Courtesy of Praxis Now

“The subconscious mind is more powerful than we think, and it can either limit or empower financial success.”  

So the question is, what are you focusing on most of the time? What is your chief aim, your magnificent obsession? What financial or business vision is so powerful and inspiring in your life that it continually attracts your heart-felt, invigorating, purposeful attention toward it for most of the day, every single day? If you have no such energizing vision that consistently governs your focus, attention and thoughts, you will be at the mercy of your habitual thoughts and limiting belief patterns.

To change your financial programming, you must:

  • Make a quality decision to absolutely reinvent yourself, your business and your finances.
  • Clearly define a deeply invigorating chief aim, which is your magnificent obsession, and allow your attention to consistently gravitate toward that chief aim throughout your waking day, every day.
  • Use your conscious mind to observe your thoughts, habits and beliefs throughout the day.
  • Make note of those thoughts, habits and beliefs that do not serve your financial success.
  • Replace negative thoughts, habits and beliefs with those that empower your financial success.
  • Make note of your most financially empowering thoughts, habits and beliefs, and consciously focus on those for the majority of your work day.
  • When you become conscious of your old mindset, you can tune your brain to maximize your financial success.

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