“The secret of many a man’s success in the world resides in his insight into the moods of men and his tact in dealing with them.” – JG Holland 

If you have ever received a debt collecting reminder letter or email, I am sure you have absolutely hated it and couldn’t even finish reading it in its entirety.  They are annoying, frustrating and a reminder that we have not done the right thing.  Not many people would have a desire to look at it again or remember it.

On another hand, if you have ever attempted  to write a debt collecting letter to send it to your customers, you would have had another kind of challenge and would have asked yourself many of these questions:

  • When is it appropriate to write a debt reminder letter?
  • How to write a debt collecting letter or email?
  • What to say to get a customer to pay up, but not to offend and embarrass?
  • How firm or gentle to be in your writing style?
  • How long/short the debt collecting letter/email should be?
  • How to ask a customer for outstanding debt without creating tension?
  • Where to start the conversation on bad debt and how to tactfully request an immediate payment?

See, it is not that simple to put all of this in a short letter or email  and be sure that we have done it right!  Unless we tried to write one oneself, we never even think of how much thought and skill goes into composing a successful collection letter or email.

Watch out for the upcoming continuation of “How to Write a Perfect Debt Collecting Letter or Email?” (Part 2)