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The Power of Regular Account Statements

“Diligence is the mother of good fortune. ”? Benjamin Disraeli

Sound account receivable processes are a part of an effective bad debt risk management system. Standard processes and procedures would allow your business to first manage risk rather than bad debt. Remember:

• Billing and sending invoices out timely, is the 1st MUST of every business.
• Sending proactively regular Account Statement is a 2nd important step!

Here are the benefits of sending out accounts statements:


5 Powerful Communication Strategies for Top Customer Service

“Want to know how to come up top of your business competitors? Improve your Customer Service!”? Ranka Cvetkovic 

In the current customer- relationship-dominated economy, your business success is dependent on how much better your customer service is compared to your competitor’s in delivering new customer experiences.  Whether your consumer is a customer, a client, a patient or a student – the way they are being treated by your business is the deciding factor if they are coming back again.

Gone is the era of product/tangible  oriented market – customer experience is the new measurement tool for being a success or a mediocre business, no matter of what market you are in. You may have the best products and exemplary goods to offer, but without the customer’s approval for your services – you may still fail. (more…)

Collect Debt by using Great Communication

“When we change the way we communicate, we change society” ― Clay Shirky

Video courtesy of Repute Agency

Communication is a very powerful tool that can either make or break your goal for debt recovery.  (more…)

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