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Build Your Power Of Persuasion By Practicing 6 Simple Techniques

“When you collect bad loans… you sure learn a lot about making good ones. You also learn a lot about the power of persuasion, persistence and desperation” – John Stumpf

We all use persuasion in our daily lives, both at home and at work.  But, now you can purposefully increase you power of persuasion by following and practicing these simple scientifically proven techniques.  Use them at home, with your kids, partners, friends, at work, when you negotiate, when you debt collect. Not only that you will end up with much better overall  results in what you are doing, it will subtly show you ways to become much more considerate of others and will generally make you a better person.  Try these simple steps in your life and business and you will soon be seeing proven results. (more…)

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