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How To Not Collect a Debt (Part 2)

“I like to do all the talking myself. It saves time, and prevents arguments.” – Oscar Wilde

” A foolish man tells a woman to stop talking, but a wise man tells her that her mouth is extremely beautiful when her lips are closed” – unknown 

The video in the previous post is funny, as it teaches a crash course on How not to talk in a debt collecting call. 

When making a call, do you make note of the following;

  • The tone of your voice?
  • The  knowledge of the actual debt?
  • The answers given following the client’s comments? (more…)

Debt Collecting – Secrets of Successful In House Collecting Reviled

Facing Bad Debt In Your Business? Problems collecting your bad debt – Fast & Easy way to collect it Now! Collecting Your Own Bad Debt Is Possible… Learn inside knowledge to To Stop Bad Debt!

debt collecting

“A COMPLETE Step-by-Step GUIDE To SUCCESSFUL In House Debt Collection!” is an e-book aimed at every business owner who extends credit terms, accepts cheques, and has money owed to them from slow-paying and non-paying customers. Since every business owner experiences delinquencies, non-payment and bad debt at some point, this means that every business can benefit from this great pool of inside secrets in debt collecting. An absolute MUST for everyone with a running business, even if their receivables are not in trouble.  This book is packed with insights and great tips on how to improve your collection system.

Q & A: How to Organise an Effective Debt Repayment Plan?

At some point, most businesses will come to the stage in debt collecting that a debt could be collected only by accepting installment payments.

If you are serious about collecting your debt, you need to re-negotiate the payment agreement and set up a valid debt repayment plan.

Many people asked me about the essentials of a good debt repayment plan. (more…)

Debt Management: Debt Settlement a SCAM?

Have a look at this interesting video about how to get out of debt.  In this case it is Credit Card Debt, but the same kind of dilemma is involved in any other kind of financial debt out there.


Suze Orman is a well known and highly respected financial advisor.  She knows MONEY.

In this video she is talking about getting you a financial first aid!  When you get yourself in a situation of financial exhaustion, the first step is to get some oxygen (some breathing time given by debt specialists / agencies).

Getting debt agencies or other 3rd party financial specialists to help you is your first aid ONLY ! (more…)

Small Business Bad Debt is Easily Avoidable

Seven Steps for Effective Cash Management for Your Business

Did you know that 85% of new small businesses close down in the first year of operation!

According to a report conducted in an issue of USA Today, the statistical failure rate of small businesses in America is staggering.

  • In First year of business 85% of small businesses close
  • Second year statistic is 70%.
  • Third year in business shows a small improvement in staying power; 62% of businesses will stop working by now (more…)

What You Have To Know Before Attempting To Collect Debt


Federal Debt Collection Law Industry Guidelines

Have you ever been chased to pay debt?

Have you ever chased someone else to pay debt to you?

Chances are you have belonged to both camps at some point in your life.

Do you know that you are legally protected in both cases & you DO HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS? (more…)

Q & A: What should I do when my bank cancels my overdarft?

by Stefan Töpfer

‘This question is hard to answer, because there are no simple answers here and the outcome of this situation could easily be fatal to the business and if you are personally guaranteeing this money – and you probably are – this could potentially be very serious for your personal life too.

The things that you need to do, in my opinion are:

  • Find out why? If the reason given are not satisfactory, you will need to get legal advice.
  • Try and extent the deadline? If that is possible reduce the overdraft as soon as you can, or negotiate a stepped reduction of the O/D limit, ie. by month or week.
  • Try and change bank, ASAP. (more…)

Collecting Overdue Debt: A Course of Action

Collecting Overdue Debt: a Course oF Action

“If you are a business owner, you will likely encounter overdue debt on a very routine basis. A huge number of customers – both individuals and other businesses – will inevitably forget, not bother, or refuse to pay their bills.

It’s easy enough to deal with the forgetful procrastinators with a couple of firmly worded overdue notices, but for those who still don’t pay, there is a time to turn things over to a debt collection agency.

When it becomes clear that a customer doesn’t intend to pay you out of their own free will, turning things over to another party probably isn’t a bad idea. For example, customers that flatly deny owing you money despite your records are very difficult to deal with without help. (more…)

The Debt Collectors Challenge!


I just love this video and you will too! After watching this I want you to comment and share your funniest or most embarrassing debt collection story you have. Thanks for stopping by…

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